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stone crushers,crushing plant,lime kilns,vertical kiln,rotary kilns,shredder machine,palletizer,mining machine


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1-20 tons/hr Feed Pellet Plant

Greatwall offers a complete animal feed pellet production line, turnkey project, including crusher, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, packing machine and etc.

Processing Capacity: 1-20t/h

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: It is specially designed for the farm owner and the animal feed suppliers who first begins to enter the poultry feed production industry.

Applied Materials: All kinds of grain, such as maize, corn, wheat, soybean, barley, and others

Customized Service:

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Introduction of 1-20ton/hr Feed Pellet Plant


The 1-20 ton per hour feed pellet plant is a complete feed pellet processing system designed to produce feed pellets from raw materials such as grains, soya meal, maize, fish meal, bone meal, and other feed ingredients.

The system typically includes a hammer mill, mixer, pellet mill, cooler, and other equipment that is used to process the raw materials into pellets of the desired size.

The system can be used to produce a variety of feed pellets for livestock and poultry, including chicken feed, pig feed, cow feed, and other types of feed. The system is designed to be simple and efficient, and it produces high-quality pellets that are safe for animals to consume.

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Flow Chart Of 8 ton/hr Feed Pellet Plant

The flow chart of the feed pellet production line is used for your reference, if you have any requirements, pls contact us, and our technical team will customize the professional project for you.

flowchart of 8-10tph animal feed pellet plant

Main Machines Of Pelleted Feed Production Line

1. Water-drop Hammer Mill SFSP66*80

water-drop hammer mill

1) Spindle speed: 2970r/min;

2) Fineness hammer mill with a sieve hole of 0.8-1.5;

3) The crushing chamber with a drop-shaped structure is divided into two parallel crushing chambers and a shearing device, and another crushing chamber is provided at the lower part of the drop-shaped chamber to improve the impact of hammering on materials.

4) The rotor adopts a special design with two different hammer-sieve distances to meet the needs of different particle sizes exchange;

5) Hard surfacing materials on the hammer surface to prolong the service life;

6) The operation of the door interlock device ensures safe operation when the motor does not start to open the door;

7) The rotor motor and the mill are installed on the same heavy-duty base, and the pin shaft coupling is used for direct transmission. The rotor can work positively or reversely through the balance function.

2. Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer SSHJ2


1) Capacity: 1000kg/batch

2) Mixing cycle: 60-180s

3) High uniformity, the patented blade design enhances the fluidity, shearing, and mixing properties of the material, and the mixing uniformity is very good, CV≦2.3%

4) The blade and chassis ensure an extremely low retention rate and prevent cross-contamination of materials; the discharge door is fully opened, and the materials are emptied instantly without residue;

5) Seal the rubber balloon of the discharge door to ensure no leakage; the shaft packing seal is designed in a special way to ensure no leakage;

6) Convenient and fast access door, designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, saving time.

3. Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine SZLH420

ring die feed pelletizer

1) Conditioner L=3000mm*φ380mm, made of stainless steel

2) This model adopts a single-motor spur gear transmission system, which has an ideal transmission ratio, driving torque, stable transmission, high output, low noise, and is easy to operate and maintain;

3) Imported high-quality spindle bearings ensure stable and reliable operation;

4) The design of the pressure roller is maximized to increase the production capacity;

5) Combination of conical pressure roller shafts, quick and easy adjustment of the gap;

6) This model can provide ring molds with various apertures between Φ1.5-Φ12, and users can choose arbitrarily according to different needs to obtain the best technical and economic benefits;

7) This model adopts an advanced frequency conversion motor to feed, has an overload protection device and machine outside the discharge mechanism;

8) The machine can be equipped with slender single, double or double differential conditioning devices according to the requirements of different quality feed materials.

9) Ring die: 3.0mm 4.0mm for poultry feed, 3.0mm 6.0mm for ruminant feed.

4. Counter-flow Cooler SKLN5

feed pellet cooler

1) After cooling, the temperature of the pellets is not higher than room temperature by 3-5°C;

2) It has the function of automatic grain discharge when the machine is stopped to avoid cross-infection between feeds;

3) The discharge basket slides flexibly, and the operation is stable and reliable;

4) It is suitable for cooling various materials.

5. Pellets Crusher SSLG20*170

feed pellets crusher

1) For crushing feed pellets with a diameter of 1.8-5.0mm; suitable for chick feed and small-particle aquatic feed processing

2) The double roll structure helps to reduce the particle size uniformly and the percentage of high-quality products.

3) Imported key components, reliable performance, and easy operation;

4) Widely used to crush poultry, livestock pellets, and aquatic feed pellets.

6. Automatic Feed Pellet Packaging Machine

feed pellet packaing machine

1) The unique anti-shock device ensures accurate measurement and fast packaging.

2) External adjustment of the machine, easy maintenance

3) The key components are imported and have a long service life.

Customization Service

• Design and installation of feed pellet plant

• Selection of feed processing machinery  

• Configuration of the complete feed pellet plant

• Optimization of the feed pellet plant for maximized efficiency

• Troubleshooting and maintenance of the feed pellet plant

• Technical support for the feed pellet plant

• Supply of spare parts and components

• Training of personnel on the operation of the feed pellet plant


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