stone crushers,crushing plant,lime kilns,vertical kiln,rotary kilns,shredder machine,palletizer,mining machine

stone crushers,crushing plant,lime kilns,vertical kiln,rotary kilns,shredder machine,palletizer,mining machine


shaft kiln limestone processing plant
quick lime production line with vertical lime kiln
limestone processing plant with vertical lime kiln
limestone conveying to vertical kiln for lime production
vertical lime kiln process

Lime Shaft Kiln

As an experienced lime kiln manufacturer, we offer shaft kilns for lime production lines, the lime shaft kiln is the most efficient & ecological way to calcine limestone for lime production. 10% energy-saving, 20% yield improvement.

Processing Capacity: 100-500t/d

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:30-120mm

Application Fields: Vertical shaft kiln is suitable for metallurgy, building materials, calcium carbide, nano-calcium carbonate, aerated concrete, sugar, and other industries.

Applied Materials: Limestone, clay, high alumina clinker, dolomite, magnesium stone, and cement clinker, etc.

Customized Service:Tailored lime shaft kilns, crafted to your specs for unmatched efficiency and quality. Elevate your lime production with us!

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  Revolutionize Lime Production with Our Eco-Friendly Lime Shaft Kilns! 

200+ shaft kiln projects successfully completed worldwide.

As lime kiln experts, we specialize in eco-friendly lime production. Achieve a 10% energy saving and 20% yield boost with our state-of-the-art technology. Harnessing modern innovation, our lime shaft kilns maximize cost-effective energy utilization, transforming waste gases like converter gas and blast furnace gas into valuable resources. Elevate your lime production sustainably!

Whether establishing a new lime production line or enhancing your current plant, our Shaft Kilns offer the optimal solution.




Technical Data



inner dia.:3.0m, height: 21.0m, power: 150kw


inner dia.:4.0m, height:26.5m, power: 290kw


inner dia.:4.8m, height:28.0m, power: 340kw


inner dia.:5.3m, height:29.5m, power: 490kw


inner dia.:5.8m, height:31.0m, power: 540kw

Fuel types

solid fuel

Coke, anthracite, briquette

Industrial exhaust

Blast furnace gas, converter gas, coke oven gas, calcium carbide tail gas, yellow phosphorus gas

flammable gas

natural gas, shale gas

Product types

High activity

Activity > 300-350ml

High productivity

Daily production capacity > 400-500t/d

Fully intelligent

Unattended, AI intelligence, remote maintenance management

Small particle size

10-30mm, 20-40mm

Deep Processing

Suitable for calcium hydroxide, light calcium carbonate, nano calcium carbonate

Lime unloading types

Unloading lime on all sides

Large block calcination, partition control, high cost-effectiveness

Disc lime unloading

Overall lime unloading, simple structure, and convenient operation

Screw cone lime unloading

High output, stable operation, strong adaptability to working conditions



1. 10% Less Energy, 20% Higher Yield – Maximize Efficiency!

◉  Our limestone shaft kiln features distinct zones: preheating, calcination, and cooling. Cool air enters from the base, cooling the product while preheating itself. This preheated air then enters the calcination zone, optimizing combustion and effectively cutting energy consumption.

the limestone preheating section of shaft kiln    the limestone calcination section of vertical lime kiln.jpg   the cooling section of shaft lime kiln for lime production.jpg

◉ The incoming hot flue gas efficiently preheats materials from ambient to pre-decomposition temperatures. As it exits the shaft kiln, the flue gas temperature lowers to 170-300°C.

◉ Kiln shell features vertical masonry with 4 refractory layers, ensuring excellent insulation. Shell temp can be controlled at +60°C ambient, showcasing impressive energy savings.

2. Durable lifespan reduces downtime costs, ensuring uninterrupted production.

◉ Durable refractories extend service life. Material interacts via gravity settlement, not direct impact, minimizing wear on refractories.

◉ In typical conditions, the refractory material has a lifespan of 6 to 10 years.

3. Multi-fuel options

◉ Co-fired kilns utilize lump and coking coal as fuel sources.

◉ Gas-fired kilns utilize high-calorific value fuels like natural gas, coke oven gas, petroleum gas, and low-calorific value fuels including converter gas, blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace tail gas, semi-coal gas, and producer gas.

◉ Oil-fired kilns utilize liquid fuels like heavy oil and diesel.

4. Compact footprint, saving valuable floor space

◉ Vertical design of the shaft kiln.

◉ Efficient vertical feeding via single-bucket hoist at steep angles; conserving valuable space.

◉ Efficient layout, each zone optimally organized for space conservation.

5. Low investment

◉ Reduced machined parts in the kiln's steel structure for lower processing costs.

◉ Simple setup, minimal masonry complexity using refractory materials



Our vertical shaft kiln has a successful track record with hundreds of companies across various industries, including but not limited to Steel, Mining, Cement, Limestone Development, Chemical, Coal Group, Railway Equipment Manufacturing Materials, New Materials, and more.

1. Site preparation to ensure a stable foundation for the kiln2. Build a strong concrete foundation to support the weight of the kiln structure3 Kiln structure erection
4 The main structure of the shaft kiln is completed5 Install lime kiln distributor6 the construction of kiln is completed





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