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stone crushers,crushing plant,lime kilns,vertical kiln,rotary kilns,shredder machine,palletizer,mining machine


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Column Palletizer Machine

Innovative column palletizer for packaging bags, streamlining production and transportation. Revolutionize your stacking process with high automation and cost-saving benefits.

Processing Capacity: 400-600 bags per hour

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: Column palletizers are used in various industries like packaging, cement plants, feed mills, and fertilizer plants for efficient bag stacking and palletizing.

Applied Materials: Packaging bags for various industries like dry mortar, specialty mortar, putty powder, gypsum mortar, cement, feed, and fertilizer plants.

Customized Service:Tailored column palletizer solutions, customized to your specific needs. Elevate your packaging efficiency with our expert customization service.

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Introduction of Column Palletizer Machine


The column palletizer for packaging bags arranges them in a predetermined manner and then layers them onto pallets. It is commonly used as subsequent equipment in packaging lines to enhance production and transportation capabilities. The automatic palletizer revolutionizes traditional stacking methods, eliminating the need for manual labor and costly stacking expenses for businesses, thereby saving on labor costs.

single column robot palletizer

Single Column Palletizer Operation Process


1. Bag Compression and Shaping

The product is conveyed through vibrating rollers, while the upper part uses a bag compression device to compact the bags, resulting in a smoother packaging appearance for neat and aesthetically pleasing stacking. Additionally, the shaping conveyor separates the products at a certain distance, facilitating photoelectric detection and subsequent palletizing.


2. Conveying

After shaping, the bags enter the gripping conveyor and are transported to the designated gripping position. When the photoelectric sensor receives the signal, the conveyor stops, allowing the palletizer to begin stacking. This ensures a safe and convenient bag gripping by the palletizer while minimizing noise.


3. Gripping

Simultaneously, the photoelectric sensor sends the signal to the palletizer, initiating its operation. The gripper moves to the gripping position, and the gripping cylinder engages to lift the bags.


4. Palletizing

The robot rotates to the pallet area and performs palletizing according to the predetermined stacking pattern.


Palletizing Equipment Applications


Suitable for packaging bag palletizing and stacking in dry mortar plants, specialty mortar plants, putty powder, gypsum mortar, thermal insulation mortar, cement plants, feed mills, fertilizer plants, and other industries.



Industrial Palletizer Features


1. User-friendly touch screen enables human-machine interaction, offering high automation with production speed, fault diagnosis, and location display.

2. PLC programmable control for sorting, stacking layers, pallet supply, and discharge, all adjustable through programming.

3. Convenient and simple adjustment of stacking methods via the touch screen.

4. Stable stacking, reducing labor costs.

5. Automatic supply of pallets from the pallet stacker.


Technical Parameters


Application: Handling, Palletizing

Load Capacity: 100kg

Accuracy: 0.2mm

Power Supply: AC 380V±10%, 50Hz±2%, Three-phase four-wire system

Compressed Air: ≤0.7Mpa

Total Height: 3.4m

Rotational Coverage Radius: 2.3m

Horizontal Angle: ±1°

Working Pressure (min): 0.6Mpa

Applicable Items: Cartons, Soft Bags, etc.

Customization: Available.


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