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High-level Bags Palletizer

Discover the efficiency of our high-level palletizer for bag packaging production. Fast, automated, and adaptable to various materials. Improve your industrial operations today!

Processing Capacity: 1000~1200 bags/hour

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: High-level bag palletizer is suitable for various industries, including manufacturing, construction materials, and other sectors dealing with bagged products.

Applied Materials: Bagged materials of various sizes and types, suitable for bag palletizing in large-scale industries.

Customized Service:Tailored high-level bag palletizer, customizable to your needs.

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Introduction of High-level Palletizer


A high-level palletizer is a specialized high-speed fully automated mechanical device for stacking. It is a kind of palletizing equipment suitable for large-scale industries. The high-level pallet stacker is mainly used in the bag packaging production line for palletizing. It features fast palletizing speed, relatively high stability, and ease of maintenance.


Working Principle of High Position Bag Palletizer


The high-position bag palletizer conveys the bags to a certain height and then, according to the predetermined method, reorients, groups, pushes, and layers, and places the bags onto the pallets by layers. Finally, the fully stacked pallets are moved off for shipment or further packaging.


Characteristics of the High-Level Pallet Stacker


1. Particularly suitable for stacking various types of packaging bags, characterized by fast palletizing speed, orderly stacking, and high level of automation.

2. Well-structured with high equipment stability.

3. Easy to operate, ensuring safety and high efficiency.

4. Flexible grouping methods.

5. Can adapt to a variety of materials and sizes of pallets.

high-level palletizing machine applications


Technical Data


Bags High-level Palletizer

Power supply

380v  50/60Hz  13kw

Application fields

Suitable for large bag products such as fertilizers, feed, flour, rice, plastic bags, seeds, laundry detergent, cement, dry mortar, talcum powder, and slag aggregate.



Palletizing speed

1000~1200 bags/hour

Palletizing height

1300~1500mm (Customizable to special requirements)

Applicable Gas Source


Machine size


Customization is available based on the customer's product requirements.


High-level Bags Palletizer

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