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Full Automatic Column Rotary Palletizer

Automatic rotary palletizer machines for sale by palletizer machine manufacturers are featured a high automation degree and simple operation. Flexible, reliable, and efficient.

Processing Capacity: 400-500 times/hour

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: The rotary palletizing machine can be used for automatically palletizing bagged dry mortar, putty powder, chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizers, feed, environmental protection coatings, flour, grain, biological particles, boxed food, beverages, edible oil barrels, metal iron barrels, plates, metal workpieces, insulation materials or other special products.

Applied Materials:

Customized Service:We can produce customized palletizer machines for you according to your working environment and area, your products, and product packages, etc.

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What is Column Rotary Palletizer

This column rotary palletizer is an automatic material handling machine, which is used for palletizing bags, cartons, cases, drums, etc. on the pallets in one step, layer by layer automatically, according to the program setup pattern. It is convenient for forklifts to transport the products to the warehouse.


It is a fully automatic palletizing machine. The bottom base rotates 320 degrees, the column can be lifted up and down, the arm can move forward and backward, and the end base of the cross arm can rotate 360 degrees.

1. The installation position of the palletizing machine can be designed based on the site situation of your company and the space size of the working area.

2. The equipment parameters can be changed according to the user's requirements.

3. The pallet-stacking layer can be modified according to the customer's requirements.

Advantages of Automatic Palletizer

Compared with manual pallet loading, the automatic palletizer is more precise, more load stable, faster working, and more consistent, so it improves operational efficiency and reduces labor intensity largely.

1. Adopted PLC + touch screen control system, the palletizer machine realizes intelligent operation management, easy to operate.

2. The actual palletizing speed is determined by the front-end conveying, and the speed is automatically adjusted.

3. Automatic shaping, automatic positioning, automatic identification, automatic grabbing, and automatic palletizing.

4. Support pre-stored palletizing patterns for palletizing multiple products, different pallet types, different pallets, etc.

5. During the palletizing process, the program can be stopped at any time and can realize continuous palletizing.

6. Support non-standard customization, pallet conveyor line or automatic pallet warehouse can be equipped with palletizer machines.

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How does the Rotary Palletizer Work?

The column rotary palletizer has a sturdy rotating column with a rigid horizontal arm connected to it. The arm can slide up and down along the column. There is a bag gripper on the arm, rotating around its vertical axis.

The arm descends to the necessary height, and the gripper grips the bags one at a time from the roller conveyor and then rotates to place bags at the position assigned by the programmed palletizing pattern, layer by layer.

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Technical Data of Column Rotary Palletizer




Voltage/ Power

380v+/5%  3-phase 4-wire

Air Consumption

Gripper, clamp0.3m³/min

Sucker: 0.6-1.1m³/min

Gripper, clamp0.6m³/min

Sucker: 0.6-1.1m³/min

Air Pressure


The floor area of the palletizer


Total height of palletizer


Rotation coverage radius


Palletizing height

Gripper, clamp: ≤1600mm

Sucker: ≤1800mm

The actual palletizing height is affected by the height of the products and the size of the gripper.

Double-station palletizing can be equipped with an automatic pallet conveyor.

Application scope

10-50kg package


5-25kg package (double grab)

10-70kg package (single grab)


Corrugated box, plastic box, drum package, bag package, block package, board, or other similar products


Palletizing efficiency

400-500 times/hour

400-500 times/hour

(if double grab palletizing pattern, the capacity can reach 800-1000 bags per hour)


Palletizer: 6.5kw; shaping conveyor/positioning conveyor: 1.5kw

Pallet size



The height of the column and the length of the arm can be customized according to the pallet size, product size or stack height, etc.

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Full Automatic Column Rotary Palletizer

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