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lime kilns,vertical kiln,rotary kilns,shredder machine,stone crushers,crushing plant,palletizer,mining machine


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Metal Shredder Machine

We are a China shredder machine manufacturer, your perfect partner for supplying industrial metal shredder machines, and heavy-duty scrap metal shredding machines with OEM service.

Processing Capacity: 0.2-80 tons/hour

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: It is widely used in industry waste recycling, metal recycling, electronic recycling, municipal solid waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, the paper-making industry, etc.

Applied Materials: This industrial scrap metal shredding machine is suitable for processing industrial waste, metal sheets, plastic waste, paper, cardboard boxes, electronic scrap, electric cables, food remains, biogenic waste, wood, glass, plastic waste, various containers for liquids, scrap clothes, leathers, shoes, fishing net, etc.

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Introduction of Metal Shredder Machine

Metal shredder machine is the shredder machine for reducing the size of scrap metal into a uniform shape and size. High torque and low shaft rotation speed.

It is a multifunctional double-shaft shredding machine. Double-shaft shredder machines are very compact and high-efficiency shredders that are able to process high quantities of materials economically and efficiently.

metal shredder machine

What Does a Metal Shredder Do?

Metal shredder machine is widely used as industrial shredder machine for processing a wide range of metal scraps, such as bicycle shelves, motorcycle shelves, color steel tiles, large gasoline tanks, wire and cable, barrel, scrap metal sheet, end-of-life vehicles, etc. Along with scrap metal, it can also process plastic sheets, e-waste, wood, tire, rubber, paper and cardboard, textiles, etc.

applications of industrial metal shredding machine

How Does Our Metal Shredding Machine Work?

There are heavy-duty rotor shears mounted on 2 hexagonal shafts that rotate into each other in the shredding chamber.
These robust shear blades rotate at a slow speed to shred large pieces of raw materials into smaller pieces. The low speed of the rotor ensures little dust is generated.

The metal shredder is controlled by an intelligent and innovative PLC system. In case the heavy-duty metal shredder machine is overloaded or foreign objects are in the shredding chamber, the rotor stops and moves backward to prevent overfeeding and protect against damage from foreign objects.

working principle of heavy duty metal shredder machine

1. Feed the raw materials to the rotor which is settled to rotate at an appropriate rotary speed.

2. The raw material is shredded by the rotor shears.

3. Continue to be shredded and maximize the capacity.

Features of Industrial Scrap Metal Shredder Machine

The industrial scrap metal shredding machine is composed of a motor, reducer, imported alloy rotor shears, frame, base, box, working platform, etc. The rotor shears are made of imported SKD11 material. After heat treatment, the hardness is above HRC60. Therefore, the shredder has a long service life, strong shearing ability, excellent shredding effect, and high throughout. You do not need to sharpen the rotor shears until the shredder process over 1000 tons of raw material.

conveyor belt for metal shredder machine for sale

1. Conveyor belt

The independent power system is adopted, and the power system is integrally fixed on the pulverizer through bolts so that the power system can be pulled out as a whole.

2. Feeding hopper

The feeding hopper is designed to prevent the materials from splashing out. The double-shaft crusher can handle a variety of different materials; the internal feed rate is larger than that of traditional single-shaft crushers, allowing you to feed with a forklift.

feeding hopper of metal shredding machine

Dynamic system of scrap metal shredder

3. Dynamic system

Motors and reducers adopt all copper core motors and steel plate welded reducers. Can be configured according to customer needs.

4. Biaxial cutting system

The double-shaft metal shredder is made up of two shafts of rotor blades. To meet the requirements of shredding materials and shredding size, the shredder machine is equipped with different rotor shear structures.

The thinner the shear blade, the smaller the finished shredding size; the more teeth, the shorter the shred material length. the thicker the blade, the harder the material can be shredded.

Biaxial cutting system of double shaft metal shredder machine

5. Configuration of the blades according to the waste and the output size expected

Integral blades cutter structure of metal shredder

Integral blades cutter structure


This type of cutting blade structure is suitable for shredding different kinds of raw materials, like E-waste, hard plastic, rubber, packaging barrels of various materials, etc.

Assembly blades cutter structure of metal shaft shredder machine

Assembly blades cutter structure


Suitable for shredding heavy metals or thick plastics, such as refrigerators, metal drums, and materials with a thickness of more than 10mm.

SW type cutter structure of metal shredding machine

SW-type cutter structure


Suitable for shredding general products, such as fragile or brittle materials, like wood and aluminum engine casings, etc.

VZ type cutter structure of metal shredder machine

VZ-type cutter structure


Suitable for shredding light and thin materials, such as baled aluminum, car shell, etc.

Pineapple type cutter structure of industrial metal shredder

Pineapple-type cutter structure


It is suitable for shredding hard plastics such as circuit boards and can shred raw materials to a size below 10mm.

SPR type cutter structure of double shaft shredder machine

SPR-type cutter structure


Suitable for processing domestic waste such as RDF, MSW, etc., for pre-shredding and unpacking, and the material output size is less than 300mm.

Technical Data of Double-shaft Shredder Machine



Blades thickness

Rotor shear diameter

Size of Shredding Chamber



Dimension (m)



2.5-20 mm

150-260 mm

400*430 mm

0.2-0.5 t/h

7.5*2 kw


1200 kg


3.5-40 mm

200-400 mm

600*430 mm

0.8-1.5 t/h

15*2 kw


1800 kg


20-60 mm

220-500 mm

800*630 mm

1.5-3 t/h

22*2 kw


3500 kg


30-100 mm

300-600 mm

1000*760 mm

2.5-4 t/h

30*2 kw


5500 kg


30-100 mm

350-600 mm

1200*760 mm

4-5 t/h

37*2 kw


8500 kg


50-200 mm

400-600 mm

1400*900 mm

5-6.5 t/h

45*2 kw


11500 kg


50-200 mm

400-700 mm

1600*110 mm

8-50 t/h

75*2 kw


15000 kg


50-200 mm

500-750 mm

1800*120 mm

10-60 t/h

90*2 kw


22000 kg


60-200 mm

600-900 mm

2000*1500 mm

15-80 t/h

132*2 kw


35000 kg

Working Videos of Double-shaft Shredder Machine

1. For shredding metal


2. For shredding tire



1. What is a Metal Shredding Machine?

A metal shredding machine is a powerful piece of industrial machinery used to reduce metal materials into smaller, more manageable pieces. They are typically used for large-scale recycling operations in manufacturing and metalworking industries.


2. How Does a Metal Shredding Machine Work?

It works by using powerful blades to break down metal materials into much smaller pieces. The machine can be adjusted to break down different thicknesses of metal materials, enabling the user to tailor the shredding process to their needs.


3. What Types of Metal Can Be Shredded?

It can be used to shred many different types of metal, including aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


4. What Are the Benefits of Using a Metal Shredding Machine?

The main benefit is that it can greatly reduce the size of metal materials, making them easier to transport and recycle. This can help reduce the environmental impact of metal recycling and waste management.


5. What Safety Precautions Should Be Taken When Using a Metal Shredding Machine?

When using a metal shredding machine, it is important to take certain safety precautions, such as wearing protective clothing and eye protection and avoiding contact with metal materials and blades. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the machine is properly maintained and operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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