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Cone crusher liners High-quality bowls and mantles
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Mantle and Concave for Cone Crusher

Mantles & concave/bowl liners for cone crusher are engineered for durability and toughness to improve efficiency and reduce costs.OEM mantles and concave are available.

Processing Capacity: 153,000 tons of gold ore

Air volume:

Filtration area:

Spiral diameter:

Trough Length:

Remove material:

Max. Feeding Size:

Application Fields: Our cone crusher spear parts are widely used in the mining, construction, chemical, cement, and metallurgical industry. After the modification treatment, combined with the special processing techniques, concave has a service life 10%-15% longer than those made of traditional materials.

Applied Materials: Iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc.

Customized Service:OEM mantles and concave are available. We accept customization by drawings.

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What are Cone Crusher Mantle and Concave?

what is cone crusher mantle and concave

What is Cone Crusher Mantle?

The cone crusher mantle, also known as the moving cone, is one of the main components of the cone crusher. It is fixed on the cone body with the cone head, and there is a zinc alloy cast between the two. The mantle is the key to crushing. If it is damaged, it cannot work, resulting in a shutdown.

What is Cone Crusher Concave/Bowl Liner?

The cone crusher concave, also known as the bowl liner, is also the main wear-resistant part of the cone crusher. The concave and mantle are the parts that contact raw material directly.

When the cone crusher is in operation, the mantle will move in a trajectory, and the distance from the concave is sometimes close and sometimes far away. The raw material is crushed by the multiple extrusion and impact of the mantle and concave. At this time, part of the raw material will be discharged from the discharge port.


What is Our Cone Crusher Mantle & Concave Made of?

Our mantle & concave for cone crusher adopts high-manganese steel or ultra-high manganese steel as the matrix material, and compositely inlays hard alloy or ceramic particles in the working part, so that the wear surface of the bimetallic composite wear-resistant parts have excellent wear resistance, the non-wearing surface has excellent plasticity and impact toughness.

It is proven that our mantles and concave can crush 153,000 tons of gold ore, while under the same working conditions, the mantles and concave made of ordinary high manganese steel can crush only 60,000 tons of gold ore, those made of ultra-high manganese steel can crush 80,000 tons of gold ore.

manufacturing of cone crusher mantle and bowl liner

Why Choose Our Mantle & Concave for Your Cone Crusher?

1. Not easy to break


Cemented carbide or ceramic composite mosaic reinforced austenitic manganese steel wear-resistant parts produce surface hardening under high impact load, while the core still has good plasticity and toughness, and the wall of the concave is not easy to break when subjected to strong impact load ;


2. Expanding wear life


Evenly distributed in the working part, the hard alloy or ceramic particles have high wear resistance, which reduces the wear of the matrix high manganese steel, and greatly improves the service life of the concave & mantle;


3. Reduce cost


The concave adopts the suspension casting method, which effectively refines the grains, improves the plasticity, toughness, and wear resistance of the austenitic high manganese steel, and the cost is low;


4. Significantly improve economic benefits


The material of mantle & concave is titanium carbide-based hard alloy or zirconia toughened ceramics, which can save a lot of precious metals, so achieve energy saving, emission reduction, and environmental protection, and the economic benefits have been significantly improved.


5. Custom-made is available.

Our experts recommend the best material to suit your application. And with our strong casting and machining capability, we can manufacture bowl liners & mantles according to your drawings.

How to Extend the Service Life of Cone Crusher Mantle & Bowl Liner?

The mantle & bowl liner are the key parts commonly used in the operation of the cone crusher. They are in direct contact with the material, so it is normal that they wear quickly, but there are also some methods that can prolong their service life.

 Mantle  Bowl Liner - Crusher Wear Parts

1. Before crushing, the materials are screened, dried naturally or mechanically, etc., to reduce the content of stone powder and the humidity of stone materials.


Materials with high stone powder content and high humidity are easy to adhere to the mantle & bowl liner, and the long-term adhesion will cause corrosion to the mantle & liner, reducing the service life.

2. Ensure that the hardness of the crushed material is reasonable and that the feeding particle size is uniform and moderate.


The higher the hardness of the material, the greater the impact load on the mantle and bowl liner;

when the material hardness is the same, the larger the feed particle size, the more serious the wear of the liner;

the uneven feed particle size will affect the wear position of the liner, resulting in uneven liner wear.


3.Feed evenly and maintain a reasonable amount of feed.

Excessive feeding or uneven feeding will cause material blockage in the crushing chamber, causing excessive force on one side of the mantle and bowl liner, increasing the cutting and wearing force of the material, causing serious damage to the liner, and reducing the service life.

4. Choose the mantle & liner made of wear-resistant material.

The mantle & bowl liner of the cone crusher is generally made of wear-resistant alloys such as high manganese steel.

In addition to the material, casting defects such as cracks and slag inclusions, sand inclusions, cold shuts, pores, and shrinkage cavities that affect performance are not allowed on the surface of the casting.

So mantles & concave with high-quality and super wear resistance are vital for extending wear life and minimizing downtime.

Our cone crusher mantles & concave are engineered for durability and toughness to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Q1. What is the purpose of a mantle and concave for a cone crusher?

A1: The mantle and concave are the main components of a cone crusher. They provide the crushing surface for the material being processed and reduce the size of the material as it passes through the crushing chamber.


Q2. What materials are typically used for mantle and concave production?

A2: Manganese steel is the most common material used for mantle and concave production. Other materials such as stainless steel, chrome-moly steel, and various alloys of high chromium irons may also be used.


Q3. How often should mantle and concave be replaced?

A3: The life of a mantle and concave depends on the material being processed, but they should typically be replaced every 6-12 months or when they become worn or damaged.


Q4. What is the best way to install a mantle and concave?

A4: A mantle and concave should be installed correctly to ensure the best performance of the cone crusher. This includes ensuring the mantle and concave are seated correctly and that all fasteners are tightened to the specified torque.


Q5. Are there any special safety considerations when working with mantle and concave?

A5: Yes, safety is important when working with mantle and concave. Always wear protective clothing and safety equipment when installing or replacing mantle and concave and ensure that all power tools are in good working condition. Additionally, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and use.

Q6. How to replace a cone crusher mantle?

Q6: Please refer to this article: HOW TO REPLACE A CONE CRUSHER MANTLE?

Q7. How to choose a cone crusher mantle?


Q8. How to troubleshoot cone crusher concave problems?


Q9: Why use a cone crusher mantle liner?


Q10: How to prolong the longevity of a cone crusher mantle?


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